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Midsummer Tree Celebration

Friday 23rd June 10.00pm:

Venue: Starting at the Cricketers Pub, Broadwater Green, Worthing.

Midsummer Tree Celebrations

Once again Worthing Downlanders are joining with others for Worthing's Midsummer Tree Celebration.

And as is now customary, we will be meeting at the Cricketers pub beforehand for a drink or two!

It is then just a short walk across the Green to the tree (Near the Grove Lodge Roundabout), where folk songs are recited whilst dancing around the tree.

Skeleton costume wearers are very welcome!


Worthing Downlanders AGM

Tuesday 27th June 7.30pm:

The Castle Public House, Worthing

Please support Worthing Downlanders and help protect our Downland Heritage.

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