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Worthing Downlanders are primarily a campaigning group, interested in maintaining and improving our Downlands. That invariably means that public access is a prime concern, and in fact the group was formed out of the successful 'Stop the Cissbury Sell Off' campaign.


Mount Carvey / Tenants Hill
Great News!

When hundreds of people gathered on a blustery November morning in 2009 to protest against the sell-off of public land around Cissbury Ring, little did we know that it would take just over six years to come to a successful resolution.

The ‘Stop the Cissbury Sell Off’ group later became ‘Worthing Downlanders’, and for all this time we have been continually  negotiating with Worthing Borough Council and members of a working group including Natural England, the National Trust and South Downs National Park.

Unfortunately we have been unable to keep people fully informed of the progress for a long period of time due to having to agree to confidentiality in these negotiations.

However we are now delighted to announce that as of the end of 2015, Mount Carvey and Tenants Hill has become formally dedicated open access land.

This is a great result for ‘people power’ and means that we will have the ‘right to roam’ in perpetuity. Physical access points will hopefully be installed in the near future.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the campaign, including Worthing Downlanders members and also those from the original 'Stop the Cissbury Sell Off' supporters group.

Further information can be found using the place name ‘Findon Valley’ on this website:

CRoW & Coastal Access Maps

Open Access Land


A worrying longer-term issue is the renewed talk of an A27 bypass for Worthing, with the implied threat of a motorway ploughing through the South Downs National Park past Cissbury Ring. We had hoped this was permanently off the agenda, but we clearly need to remain vigilant as the excuse of a need to "boost the economy" sees the government giving the go-ahead for all kinds of developments considered totally unacceptable by the vast majority of the public - notably the fracking that risks causing untold damage to the environment and water supplies of Sussex and the whole country.

Our Sussex Downs are a precious gift that we have been handed down by nature, and we are determined to ensure that future generations of Worthing folk can enjoy them as much as we all do today.











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